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Pre-immigration Tax Planning: What You Need to KNow in 2015 & Beyond LIVE Webcast

The United States is one of few countries that taxes its citizens and residents based upon their worldwide income. The United States also taxes non-residents on income derived from the within; including income from a U.S. trade or business and income from certain investments in U.S. property.

In a two hour, LIVE Webcast, our panel of key thought leaders and practitioners assembled by The Knowledge Group will provide an overview and discussion of the taxation regulations and discuss the latest developments you need to know in Pre-Immigration Tax Planning for 2015 and beyond. Join us to hear some of the country’s leading attorneys and skilled tax professionals provide advice regarding federal tax policies, regulations, and requirements for residence applicants.

Some of the major topics that will be covered in this course are: •Pre-Immigration Tax Planning: An Overview •U.S. Federal Government Major Taxes •U.S. Income Tax Resident vs. U.S. Income Tax Immigrant •Estate and Gift Tax •Pre-Immigration Considerations •Foreign Tax Credit •Possible Sanctions for Non-Compliance

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The American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai

Taking the mystery out of US Tax Filing: American business owners and entrepreneurs find that the US filing obligations can seem daunting and even scary. We'll explain what the rules really are and why you probably shouldn't be afraid of filing - for both the current and prior years.

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